Workout, Body Image & Mental Health

As we start approaching nicer, and nicer weather, the pressure to “look good” in a bikini begins crawling out of the shadows. I put “look good” in quotations, because it is all a matter of opinion and 99.99% of those opinions don’t flipping matter.

Growing up I was always active. I began dancing and conditioning at a very young age, which has continued, taking on various forms throughout the years. I always knew that physical activity was necessary for a healthy lifestyle, but it wasn’t until around 2 years ago that I realized for myself, it was just as mentally necessary.

Like many people, I suffer from depression. This depression has played a major roll in my life over the last 6 years. I searched high and low for a “cure.” I have tried therapists, prescriptions, natural remedies, books…Once in a while something would stick, but only for a month or so. 2 years ago I was beginning to give up hope so I decided to switch my focus to getting fit for our wedding. I said to myself if the mental isn’t cooperating, let’s try the physical. Here was my plan:

  • Get to the gym 3x per week. (Crunch is a great place that is completely pennywise! For $9.95/month you get access to not just the gym, but all fitness classes as well. I highly recommend.)
  • Each night, only 1 hour of TV unless you are working out during it. (for example crunches, weights, squats…)
  • No junk on the weekdays. Have fun on the weekends.

For me, this routine totally worked! If I had enough time to be a slug on the couch, I had enough time to do some bicep curls while I watched. I also learned during this Sweating for the Wedding adventure, that weighing myself was bullshit. I stopped weighing after 1 month when I realized I was more obsessed with a number than how much more in shape I had become.

To any one starting a workout plan. I highly suggest weighing yourself as little as possible, hopefully not at all. You are putting in the work. Don’t let a scale make you think you aren’t good enough.

The big day came and I was so happy! It was absolutely perfect. I married my high school sweetheart surrounded by the most wonderful friends and family. It was happily ever after…

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Or was it?

As each week past, I found my depression had taken the front seat again. I contemplated going back through my list of tried and failed “cures” to hopefully find some sort of relief. I examined my life and realized that busy work schedules and the calm after the wedding storm had completely thrown my workout routine to the wind. I needed those endorphins again. It was amazing that something so physical could effect my mental state so intensely. Now while exercise isn’t a cure for depression, it surely has helped me with mine.

If you or someone you know has depression and hasn’t tried physical activity, give it a shot. It definitely can’t hurt. Here are a few of my favorite tools and techniques for a solid home/TV binging workout. *Please consult with your doctor before engaging in any physical activity.

Supplies: 1 yoga mat & 2 5lb weights. (Target has a solid starter yoga mat for $15 & weights for $8.49 each).


For me, motivation to exercise increases if I have a particular goal in mind. Currently I have decided on Viva las Vegas in April. No scales, no crazy diets, just exercise. Lets start with some arms…









Lower body:


Total Body:



Until next time,

-Penny la Pêche




Tiki/Luau Engagement Shin-dig

This last weekend was absolutely wonderful! Our friends are the best. We felt so loved at our engagement party Saturday, I can’t even describe it.

On Saturday, Tanner and I packed up Peggy Sue and headed on out to throw an engagement party at Sellwood Park in Portland. We originally were looking at wineries and other venues, but once we had our Tiki/Luau theme, we knew this needed to happen outdoors, and as per the usual, needed to be affordable. For around $75 we were able to reserve a park space through Portland Parks & Recreation.

I purchased all my decorations from the Dollar Tree, which ended up costing less than $30 to decorate 6 picnic tables. I then grabbed a bunch of leis from The Party Spot at about $0.75 each. A day or 2 before the big event I found another 15 leis at a garage sale for a whopping $0.75 total!

We made the event a potluck so we wouldn’t have to deal with catering costs, and let me tell you….our friends are SPECTACULAR cooks! I posted a bunch of Luau recipes for people to use if they felt like it, (thanks to the amazing help of my Hawaiian friend!). Each guest could then call dibs on one of them or just let me know what they would like to bring and I would add it to the list. The spread was amazing; Kahlua Pork, Shoyu Chicken, Pineapple Upside-down Cake, Spam Musubi….soooo good.

Tanner made macaroni salad and I made a banana upside-down cake, as well as, a pineapple upside-down cake. I also mixed up some strawberry and kiwi lemonade. Another bonus was that with the picnic space permit beer and wine was permitted as long as it was BYOB.

As for entertainment, our friends brought ladder golf, a Frisbee, a soccer ball and a football, and we brought corn hole.

EP 18

The total cost for our Party was around $200, and with so many amazing photos from that day…I think it was a success ; )

It was a good Saturday,


A Very Rockabilly Wedding…… Venue

Finding a wedding venue is a b*t@h!!!! Just when you think you have found your dream venue, they quote you a price that makes you wonder how anyone can afford to survive and get married in the same lifetime!

Take for example one venue [that I will not name]. We found a very nondescript website and thought “Hey, they look interesting. Let’s get more information.” One absurd quote later we were laughing hysterically at the $7,000/6hr price tag! Mind you, that included NOTHING! No tables, no chairs, no food and I bet they even charged you for toilet paper. Now it was cool, but sure as hell not 7k cool!

There are a million different special rules and requests that venues informed us of as we searched for the perfect place to hold our Classy but Casual Vintage Rockabilly Affair. Here are a few of the dozens of rules we ran into:

  • No music after 9pm.
  • No hard alcohol.
  • No outside vendors of any kind.
  • No amplified sound.
  • No candles.
  • No decorations from anything other than the floor.
  • No parking.
  • No wine.
  • No real flowers.
  • The list goes on, and on, and on…..

Needless to say we were quite discouraged in our hunt, until we found Heart of Rock Farm.

Heart of Rock Farm

The Heart of Rock farm is a newly renovated farm venue with a GINORMOUS dance floor, complete with disco ball and DJ booth.

It also includes:

  • Bridal changing area
  • Groom’s bunk house
  • Tables and chairs

  • Awesome bar with a bowling lane bar top

  • Outdoor lighting & fire pit

  • Beautiful ceremony location that faces the country side

  • and two of the nicest owners you will ever meet! (Seriously, we spent 3 hours with them the first time we met!)

Phil and Lisa

Philip & Lisa Hahn are the amazing couple behind the Heart of Rock Farm. Lisa has been a DJ for the past 15 years specializing in classic rock and Philip is an experienced wedding officiant.

They have quite an extensive props inventory that you can pick and choose from at no extra cost. The collection includes linens, vases, signs, furniture,….motorcycle etc.

I loved the fact that they had giant marquee L-O-V-E letters since Tanner proposed to me by marquee 🙂 We were so happy to find this place and we got it all for around $2,000!

I knew we had picked the perfect place when I came across this hanging in the Bridal room…..Yup that is The Man in Black and The King. Sold.

For around $2000 including DJ and coordination, this place really is a steal! If you or someone you know is looking for a venue and feeling discouraged, just tell them to keep searching. You never know when something may pop up! Even at 4:45pm on a Tuesday once all work brain juice has been used up ; )


Classy but Casual Vintage Rockabilly Affair

Hi there!

Today I was planning on writing about regular everyday clothing, that when used the right way can give a pinup flair, but since I do this purely for fun I have decided that I shouldn’t box myself into a clothes/hair/makeup only blog. If the topic is pinup/rockabilly/retro/vintage related and I believe It’s a deal you should know about, well… I’m going to write about it!

A HUGE part of my extracurricular activities currently have been wedding planning! Let me start by explaining our wedding theme: Classy but Casual Vintage Rockabilly affair. Our budget: As cheap as possible. Haha!

  • Classy: Guys & gals will be looking sharp as all hell! (Below is the current 1st place contender for the bridesmaid dresses, as well as the look for the guys.)

Bridal Party

  • Casual: My fiance and I want the whole thing to be the funnest party our guests have ever attended, rather than a stuffy, formal, “when is this shit going to be over” wedding.


  • Vintage: The color story of the wedding will not be the traditional rockabilly black/red/white color scheme. There isn’t anything wrong with those colors by any means, we have just chosen to soften things up a bit with the color selection below…


  • Rockabilly: The heart of the wedding will be the music and the car culture that defines “rockabilly”.

Now that you know what we’re dealing with here, later this week I will tell you all about our CrAzY venue search and how we found the perfect venue that fit our theme and budget!

Happy Monday!