Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18 Recap {3 of 3}

Here it is! La Grande Finale! Part 3 of 3 is all about the fashion at VLV18. We will start with some awe-inspiring crowd photos and then I’ll let you in on what we wore ; )  Here goes!

fashion 10A bit of what we wore…

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Stay tuned for next week’s post where I pinup-ify one of my beautiful maids in “Bridesmaids: The Kahlua Cutie”!



Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18 Recap {2 of 3}

Part 2 is all about CRUSH SIGHTINGS! Now, I am not a huge fan girl type but there were so many fantastic artists at this it event it was IN-credible. VLV attracts not only rockabilly enthusiasts, but the creatives within many different industries. I met countless musicians, hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers, models and clothing designers. Below are a few of the individuals I had the pleasure to snap a picture with. Check out the links below as well to learn more about them **Warning: I may have, or have not been, a bit tipsy in a few photos below…no judgement. ; )

Micheline Pitt & Doris May Day: Micheline- “Makeup Artist, Hair stylist and Eyebrow Guru, Micheline Pitt doesn’t stop there, she also is the Designer for Deadly Dames, Models and is an Artist,” (Micheline Pitt | Facebook). Doris- “The Vintage Lovin’ Lady! Curvy pin up model for beloved companies such as Bettie Page Cothing and Pinup Girl Clothing,” (Doris Mayday | Facebook).

Lucy Lopez, Eleanor Paige & Dottie Minx; Lucy- “Vancouver based Hairstylist specialized in Unique & vintage styling for men and women,” (Instagram @lucylocks). Eleanor- “Luscious ladies Idaho chapter VP,” (Instagram @eleanorpaigepinup). Dottie- “@retrohunnyclothing cofounder,” (Instagram @pinupdottieminx).

Marilia Skraba: 1st Runner Up at Miss Viva Las Vegas 2015 & a pinup stylist, model and photo shoot director.

Tara Alexander; “Hair stylist specializing in vintage & glamour hair,” (Instagram @redpinupdoll).

Miss Victory Violet; Miss Viva Las Vegas 2015 & “A swing dress obsessed pinup girl with a passion for putting together a polished look and never a hair out of place,” (

Cherry Dollface: Pinup model, stylist and Youtube guru.

Stay tuned for {3 of 3}; the fashion post!

Happy Saturday!


Viva Las Vegas 18: The Packing Edition

Oh my gosh. There are only 15 more days until VLV 18! I am so stinking excited I can’t even handle it. What is VLV 18 you might be wondering? Well, as far as I have figured out… it is heaven. 4 Days of Vintage, Burlesque, Kustom Kulture bliss that draws around 20,000 to Las Vegas. At this rockabilly retreat you will find car shows, jive classes, burlesque showcases, pinup competitions, hair & makeup classes, endless concerts, bowling tournaments, a tattoo lounge and the list goes on! I discovered this event myself last year right after it ended and I knew as soon as I saw those sky-high do’s and chrome beauties that this next year I would not be missing it.

As the style obsessed person that I am, I began mulling over my closet to find just the perfect outfit for each event and this past weekend my man and I planned it aaaallllll out. I figured that each day needed at least 1 daytime outfit that was cool and comfortable and could withstand the day’s festivities as well as a sultry night piece to end the evening. Now I am going to save those planned bits for a later post but I will let you in on the steals and deals I walked away with this weekend while shopping for “the gaps” in my wardrobe…

Gap #1) Comfortable heels


  • Cute.
  • 3″ or shorter heel.
  • Under $30.
  • Neutral color.
  • Nice cushion for lengthy walks.

Score: Ross Dress For Less $14.99.

Gap #2) Comfortable Flats


  • Cute.
  • Will stay on my feet.
  • Under $20.
  • Neutral color.
  • Nice cushion or cheap enough to warrant buying inserts.

Score: Payless Shoesource $9.00 on clearance.

Gap #3) Flashy Purse


  • Cute & Flashy.
  • Under $20.
  • Metallic.
  • Vintage.

Score: Garage Sale Warehouse $3.00.

Gap #4) Nude Tights w/ Seams.


  • Cute.
  • Will work with my very fair skin tone and not make me look like I have carrot sticks for legs.
  • Under $20.
  • Can buy in store. (Proof that color will work).

Score: Target $10.00

Gap #5) Cateye Sunglasses…sat on my favorite pair last week : (


  • Cute
  • Larger frame to flatter a larger face.
  • Under $20.
  • Unique features such as color or embellishment.

Score: Amazon, red pair & black pair $9.99 each w/ free shipping.

Gap #6) High Waist Bikini


  • Cute.
  • Figure flattering.
  • Under $50.
  • Unique prints or styling.

Score: Amazon $23.99 w/ free shipping! Top AND Bottom. Great reviews and many consumer photos to support.

2 Pairs of Shoes

+ 1 Purse

+ 1 Pair of Tights

+ 2 Pairs of Sunglasses

+ 1 Swimsuit

Total: $80.96 Hot Damn.

Happy Saving!