Viva Las Vegas 20: Day 4

When we attended VLV18, we didn’t realize what we were missing that Sunday and final day of the Rockabilly Weekender. In our minds it was, “we should get back to work” and “it’s just a pool party?! What is the big whoop?” Little did we know that we were missing out on one of the funnest days around!

The VLV pool party on Sunday is the perfect place to wind down your weekend. There are bands, swimsuit competitions, fashion & people watching galore! All the while, you sit in the sunshine and soak your sore dancing feet in the pool. This year, we made sure not to miss it!


My suit was a vintage eBay find for $20 and my husband is wearing another $20 vintage score from Etsy. My suit is so structured, I hang it in my closet! Haha. His shorts on the other hand are just fine in a drawer.

The view behind us is just a tiny portion of the crowd. We arrived a little after 10am and stood in line for about 40min before getting into the pool area. While it was a long wait, it was totally worth it!


As you can see my love Courtney forgot sunscreen the previous day! Ooops! haha. After getting our fill of sunshine, we changed and headed back to the Orleans for dinner, bands and the jiving contest!

The lighting was so horrible in this photo, I had to make it black and white! Don’t worry, you will be able to see this amazing vintage copper star print dress in all her glory a little later on! (Etsy find for $50)


Through out the night, we ran into some amazingly talented people! One, Miss Rockabilly Ruby who is known for her incredible hair styling. I was fortunate enough to be one of her hair models at a Portland class she held a while back. She is so sweet and has such a great style! Just look at this amazing zebra print jumpsuit!?!


The second person we got the chance to chat with was Lance Lipinsky from Lance Lipinsky & the Lovers. We saw them play the night of Burlesque Bingo, and hot damn! That man has stage presence!


It was such a great way to end the weekend! Now, you will have to excuse me while I go plan for VLV21…

Stay pennywise!

-Penny La Pêche

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Viva Las Vegas 20: Day 3

Saturday is all about beautiful cars, music and pinups. I absolutely LOVE attending car shows and Viva has one of the very best! The car show boasts of over 800, pre-63 vehicles so you know it’s good! Here are a few of our favorites, of course starting with the VLV car!


Followed by my husband’s favorite of the day.


Finally this beauty!


One of the highlights of the car show is the pinup contest. Contestants are selected in a few different ways. 1) Judges choice, 2) Contestants choice and 3) People choice through online voting. The coolest part of this contest to me, is how international it is! Pinups from all over the world fly in to take part. This years winner was the beautiful Miss Monique Sweet from New Zealand.


As you can see, style is a HUGE part of Viva Las Vegas and one of the best parts of my weekend was meeting Jasmin of Vintage Vandalizm. She is such a style inspiration and was so sweet in person!


As for my car show style, I bought this vintage 2 piece off Etsy for $30. Unfortunately I should have practiced more flattering poses in it! 😛 Haha! Oh well. It was comfortable, funky and I loved the print!

Thanks for reading & stop back by for the final day of VLV20 featuring one wild pool party! See you soon!


My 1st Pinup Shoot!

A few months ago, in the perfect sense of the word irony, I was contacted by one of my past models who told me she loved my look and was wondering if I was interested in modeling a pinup shoot for her. Crazy right?! It sounded fun, as I had never done a pinup shoot before, but I did have the wedding coming up so I told her I really couldn’t think about planning anything else at that point in time. We decided the best thing to do would be to get in touch after the big day.

After the wedding (and a few business trips later!), with a 2nd place win in my first ever pinup competition, I was ready to commit. Deedra of Deedra Stephens Photography gave me some inspiration photos and I went to work curating the perfect pinup outfits. I was SOOO nervous! If you have read my previous post on the pinup competition then you know that even though I have been ‘living’ pinup for years, the only pinup photos I have taken thus far were done by me (with my iPhone) for this blog and my @thepennywisepinup Instagram account!

What if I sucked?! How embarrassing would that be? “Meet Penny la Peche! the un-pinupable pinup!” Sounds like a sideshow attraction, don’t ya think? The entire night leading up to the shoot I was nauseous as all hell. I lit my favorite Yankee candle and went to work setting my curls, packing my wardrobe and digging out my falsies.

The next morning I woke bright and early. When it comes to my hair, I leave it in the curls for as long as absolutely possible! My normal primping routine goes something like this…

  1. Set Hair (Either the night before or heat set the morning of and pin.)
  2. Do Make-up (No lips! Your hair will most likely get stuck in them while styling if you do.)
  3. Do Hair
  4. Get Dressed
  5. Put on Lips (That finishing touch, ya know?)

Once I was all ready, I packed up my outfit changes, makeup and poise and headed for the location.


The day went amazingly! We started out by warming up in her studio. I put on some music because when I work with models it makes them much more comfortable and it sure as heck helped me! After that we headed to Blue Moon Diner.


Our final location was a special request by me, Harvey Marine. This used to be a boat dealership but now is vacant of the water vessels and deals only in boat parts. Now it’s just good ol’ Harvey. A 26′ tall rabbit statue that I have been dreaming of getting shots with! I’m really excited with how these images turned out. Shooting with Deedra Stephens Photography was casual, comfortable and I highly recommend it!



Hope you like them!

-Penny la Pêche


Bridesmaids: The Kahlua Cutie

The sweetest girl you will ever meet, Miss Kahlua Cutie has been there for all my wacky adventures from day 1! Whether it’s going to a Muppet themed burlesque show or having a “fat” day consisting of a whole pack of bacon, 3 bottles of champagne and a “Sex and the City” marathon, this girl is always down. Now I’m here to share her adorable, down-a$$-b*tch self with you. Enjoy!

  1. How would you describe yourself?

I’m a Hawai’i girl, who relocated to Oregon in 2009. I graduated in Civil Engineering, and now I’m a Field Engineer on the Sellwood Bridge Project. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, hiking and going running (currently training for Hood to Coast and the Portland Marathon, yikes!). I also love trying new food that pops up around Portland, and going out to see some of my favorite bands playing live downtown (the last show I saw was Of Monsters & Men at The Roseland… and it was amazing!). As much as I enjoy being out and about, I equally enjoy some quality time at home, curled up on the couch catching up on my favorite TV shows or reading a good book.

Coconut Bra, Grass skirt & Lei: The Party Spot

  1. How did you meet Pennywise?

We met during my junior year of college – that was… 3 years ago. My boyfriend was actually roommates with both her and her [at the time] boyfriend – how lucky was I?! I quickly became their unofficial 4th roommate.

Dress: Tropical Temptress Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

  1. What is your favorite memory of the two of you?

Where do I even begin? Some of the best memories I have involved this girl by my side! Out of all the memories I have to say the one that tops it all off is our Booty Basement night. Booty Basement is a dance that happens once a month at a club in Portland called Holocene, and if the name didn’t give it away already, it’s a night where booties are rockin’ everywhere! Now, let me just pre-curser this by saying…. I do not, or will not ever have rhythm. The night started off with drinks at my apartment and some YouTube videos, where Pennywise, one of our friends, (and not to mention my own boyfriend!) tried to give me tips on how to twerk. Needless to say, with enough drinks in all of us by the end of the night, we had ended up on stage, with my “close-enough” twerking. Without Pennywise wanting to go to this crazy thing, I couldn’t have even imagined this awesome night happening.

Swimsuit: Miss Cuties

  1. How was it being Pin-up-ified?

It was a blast! I’ve always loved her style & confidence from the day we met, and it was awesome to get my hair and make-up done. A bonus was having one of your best friends in charge of the photoshoot which makes everything 100x more fun (especially for a noob like me).

Pineapples: Safeway ; )

  1. What are you most looking forward to in this wedding?

What I’m looking forward to the most is being able to share such a special day with two of the most amazing humans I know. Not to mention, more pin-up hair, make-up, dresses, and the Liberty Creeeeeek (A really cheap and delicious cabernet sauvignon <– Click here for more info)! I already know it’s gonna be a party!

Special thanks to my bridesmaid-hottie-bestie! Until next week,


Big Stuff & a Pinup Tattoo

So I have really been slackin’ with my posts lately, but I have a good excuse! I’M ENGAGED! My amazing man of 8 years proposed 2 weeks ago and I’m a mess of excitement! I was originally planning on blogging about where to find the best hair flowers but with the buzz in the air I feel like I need to do something big, so I am sharing my tattoo…Let me first explain that I am not one to show a lot of skin. A little leg, a shoulder every once in a while but that is about it! I avoid bathing suits and I really just avoid the sun in general : P

I first fell in love with vintage pinup about 7 years ago when I stumbled upon artists such as Vargas, Ballantyne, and Elvgren. I was hooked. It mesmerized me. The images were not only sexy, they were cute, colorful and often very funny. I am a lingerie designer and looking at those images, I realized I found a visualization of my personal beliefs. What I saw in those images was a strong, confident, sexual woman who never took anything too seriously. Someone who was self-assured in (and out) of her clothes.

I based my tattoo off of a perfect Vargas image. I have kept that image with me for 6 years knowing that one day I hoped to get it in ink in some fashion. I searched far and wide to find a tattoo artist who understood the style I wanted as well as let me design her outfit and luckily I found Mike Toth. The color and the detail he puts into his work is AMAZING! Below you will find a close up of my pinups face. He even placed dots where her individual eyelashes came out! It took 13hrs and 3 months to complete. Totally worth it.

This will be the first time most people have seen it since I have only revealed it once briefly in the hair tutorial and this last week on Valentine’s Day when I wore a back revealing dress. So….big breath….here goes. Enjoy.