Viva Las Vegas 20: Day 2

Good grief! Day 2 was a damn early one! One of the highlights of Viva Las Vegas 20 was the burlesque showcase headliner Dita Von Teese. If you don’t happen to know who she is, I suggest a google search…buuuuuut maybe not on your work computer. 😉

A group of friends and I saw Ms.Teese perform in Portland Oregon last year and were absolutely enamored! As one of the foremost names in the burlesque world, she draws a crowd and Viva was no exception! Tickets for the 3 showtimes were to be handed out Friday morning, and as 100% of the entertainment is included in the High Roller tickets for VLV, these tickets were basically free… or at least already paid for!

I knew there was going to be a line so we planned on getting up bright and early, but nothing, not even college football student ticket lines prepared me for this! Luckily our friend Dan work up extra early and made it in line by 6:45am with cronuts in hand. The rest of our group met up with him at 7am.


By the time the tickets began being released at 9am, the line had wrapped its way down a massive breezeway two times over, and throughout the ENTIRE Orleans casino! There were so many in line that people that lined up even a little before 9am were out of luck. We on the other hand were able to get our first choice of showtimes and great seats thanks to the early wake up call, but until then we needed a nap ASAP!..zzzzZZZZZZZ.

After a few hours of rest, we spent the day at the bowling tournament, where Ian bowled his best game ever and kept us, (The Portland Pussies), in the running longer than any of us thought possible! Our locally screen printed team shirts were a hit! Haha. Even earned us a few rounds of beer from admirers!



After doing a little shopping and visiting the strip once more, we got ready and headed to the show. Too. Much. Fun.



  • Dress: $70 made by me!
  • Shoes: ~$20 Amazon
  • Purse: ~ $10 Vintage
  • Necklace & Earring Set: A gift from Tanner’s Grandmother, which she wore when she was my age!

Head on back for Viva Las Vegas 20: Day 3 for one of the best car shows in the country, a first-rate pinup contest and when I met one of my favorite style inspirations! See you soon!





A Very Burlesque Halloween

Well we have just finished up with the most wonderful time of the year. No you didn’t miss Christmas (puke noise). If you know me, you know that when August rolls around it is time to start planning costumes. Normally I will sew and make something completely from scratch and Tanner will ever so sweetly be whatever I suggest. (He’s a keeper.) This year was completely different! I told Tanner that he got to pick out our costumes. His choice?…. Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese. Sorry Mom ; )

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Now if you have been living under a rock or are simply not into shock rock or burlesque here are a few links that you may want to check out…

Manson: The Beautiful People

Teese: Perrier Advertisement 

And you’re back. Amazing right?!

I was honestly a bit concerned this year that my costume would be too much like my everyday look just much sexier. I already have black hair and do a red lip and cateye everyday so I thought it would look like “Oh great, she went as a slut for Halloween.” Tanner convinced me that I could make it awesome. So I went for it. Here is how it turned out…

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! I determined what I could do with my makeup to make my face look a bit more like hers, so I flattened out my brows, thinned out my lips and added her classic beauty mark. I also used some false lashes. I pinned up my hair in vintage waves and styled it slicked with Suavecita Pomade.

I used my satin underbust Orchard Corset CS-426. Which is a hell of a deal for $79! If you are looking for a corset, I HIGHLY recommend it. I then went searching for a bargain on some Dita lingerie, particularly the Her Sexellency Overwire Bra. I have had my eye on this piece for months, and I actually found a smoking deal at ASOS! 50% off babay! I also wore sheer nylons under a pair of silk “granny panties” for added warmth and coverage. On top of those nylons I added cuban seamed thigh highs that I purchased at a local shop, but can be found here at Walmart.

I found some great gaudy rhinestone earrings locally and a hair comb for $6. I also purchased some long satin gloves for $9.99 from a Spirit Halloween Store. The final 2 touches to my costume were a massive feather boa and ballet pointe shoes. I purchased 4 100g boas for $8.50 each and sewed them together to make 1 lush monster of feathers. Just 1 super full boa goes for a whopping $100! I saved myself $66 by making it myself! I bought pink satin pointe shoes for $16.50 and sprayed them with black dye and used red leather paint on the bottoms to get the faux Louboutin look, to mimic Dita’s gorgeous pairs.

It was such a fun evening! I’ll leave you with a few more photos of some fantastic costumes. The first is some good old brotherly love. (Tanner’s little bro is the sailor.)

A little Rocky Horror, Dr. Frank-N-Furter for ya.

An event that happened Nov. 22nd (my birthday) in 1963. Too soon?

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time,


DIY: Sleek & Shiny Raven Hair Part 1

I was going to save this post for later on in January but as it so turns out, it is once again time to dye my roots. I get asked all the time how I get my hair so dark, (even from people currently with black hair), so I have decided to share with you my low cost (under $20), time tested method that will give you salon results from your very own bathroom.

Here are a few pics of my hair over the last few years, all DIY dyed.

My natural hair color is a medium to light brown but I have always loved the look of rich, dark, midnight black. Throughout the years I have gone back and forth but I just keep coming back to black! Is it the glamour? The mystery? The seduction? Whatever it is, raven-haired beauties have been making jaws drop for millennia.

[Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine, © 2014 Condé Nast]

Dita Von Teese [Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine, © 2014 Condé Nast]

Elizabeth Taylor c.1951 [Photo Credit: IMDb, Image courtesy]

Elizabeth Taylor c.1951 [Photo Credit: IMDb, Image courtesy]

Miss Victory Violet [Photo Credit: Miss Victory Violet Blog 2014]

Miss Victory Violet [Photo Credit: Miss Victory Violet Blog 2014]

Take a good look at those 3. You won’t see any dusty, dry, faded wigs among this bunch! You see rich black tar, sleek and shiny, and I am here to tell you that for around $20 you can have exactly that. Here is my time tested recipe…

*Note: If you have long or very thick hair, you will want to double this recipe for items 3, 9 & 11.
  1. 1 Old Towel
  2. 1 Old T-shirt
  3. 1 2oz bottle of L’Oréal Permanent Hair Color #1 Blue Black [$5.99 Sally Beauty Supply]
    • Make sure it is Blue Black, as the blue/purple tones resist fading and will give you the richest deepest back color that will last the longest. This is key.
  4. 1 Bottle of stain remover [$4.49 Sally Beauty Supply]
  5. 1 Squeeze bottle [$1.50 Sally Beauty Supply]
  6. 1 Jar Petroleum Jelly [$1.79 Sally Beauty Supply]
    • I use this to protect my skin from any drips, slips or fumbles with the dye.
  7. Balls
  8. 1 Applicator brush [$0.99 Sally Beauty Supply]
  9. 2oz of 20 Cream Developer [$1.69 Sally Beauty Supply]
    • No need to use anything harsher as you will be darkening your hair, not trying to lighten it.
  10. 1 Pair latex or vinyl gloves [6 pairs for $2.99 Sally Beauty Supply]
  11. 1 package after color care deep conditioner [$0.99 Sally Beauty Supply]
    • This will help seal in the color and bring some moisture back into your hair.
  12. Some sort of hair clips & a couple plastic grocery bags.

Total: $20.43

$11.76 spent in reusable products…i.e. the stain remover, brush, bottle, more gloves and petroleum jelly. After the initial dye session the price drops to $8.67 for each session after! Holy cow! The average salon price for an all over color is around $60+ in my area! Stay tuned for DIY: Sleek & Shiny Raven Hair Part 2 where I will post a step by step of the dying process, and offer tips & tricks for long lasting rich color!

-The Penny-wise Pinup