Grease Inspired: A Sandy Shoot

I have always wanted to do a Sandy inspired photo shoot, from the 1978, 50’s styled classic Grease, and just the other day I realized while folding my laundry, that I in fact had all the wardrobe pieces I would need in order to get the theme across! That is when I ask my husband if he would be interested in shooting some quick photos over the weekend. He was game, so that Saturday off we went to find some bleachers!

Her is my wardrobe break down:

  • Faux Leather Jacket: $12 Sears
  • Leggings: ~$10 years ago at Forever21
  • Off the shoulder Pinup Girl Clothing top: $10 Thrifted
  • Belt: Came on another dress
  • Shoes: $8 Thrifted

For a quick idea and ~45 min on a football field, I am pretty happy with how it all turned out!





Let me know what you think & hope you’re having a happy weekend!




Car Shows… Guaranteed to Satisfy!

This little lady is gettin’ reeeeaaalll “penny-wise”! With a little less than 1 year until the wedding, Tanner and I are going to pinch where ever we can, in order to save up for our dream day! The topic that has really been on our minds lately has been “what can you do for free?” Answer…not a ton, but wait…

Living in the Pacific Northwest there isn’t really a big rockabilly/pinup scene. In fact, I am actually the only pinup style chick I know in the area :/ Thankfully one of our favorite past times this summer has been attending local car shows. It’s where I find I feel right at home! Photo above is us just before heading out to the last show : )

How Car Shows Work:

  • They are often put on by local car clubs or auto shops.
  • Each car being shown pays an entry fee, which goes to the clubs or local charities.
  • The cars can enter competitively to win a variety of awards.
  • The public can then view the cars on display and have a meet & greet with many of the owners for free or a small donation!

Most often the shows have retro rocking music playing, and sometimes there will be food vendors and a kid’s area. All the people that we have met thus far have been super friendly and nice!

Here are more of my favorites from the last car show we went to in downtown Gladstone, which was hosted by the Associated Fords of the Fifties

The owners L.O.V.E. to talk about their “babies”! Also, if you enjoy dressing up as much as we do, it is appreciated there as well : ) My favorite compliments come from the older crowd who tell me things like: “I remember the days when people used to dress like that! You look just wonderful!”

Don’t know a thing about cars? Who cares! If you can appreciate the artistry it took to originally design these beauties and the passion and patience it takes to maintain them to this day, you belong at a car show.

If you are interested in car culture or a vintage lifestyle, classic car shows in your area is where you should look. My favorite part of going to the shows, is that it gives me another excuse to dress up!

Hope you are having a great last few days of Summer! (Faux nose pick for the win!)


1952 Ford Customline: Our Dreamy Dream Car…

We did it!!! We have been looking for a classic car for the last 4 months now and man, has it been CRAZY! I have always wanted a classic. Really, anything pre-1960 and after we attended VLV18, my man jumped right on that band wagon!

Now our budget wasn’t huge. We were hoping to find something under $6,000. To us $6K seems like a decent bit of moola! As we searched we realized that we faced a number of challenges.

Most of what we could afford were rust buckets!

Photo Cred: kandychromegsxr via

While these cars could be great finds for the right people, my beau and I were in no place to start with a shell of a car. From that week on, we began to make some guidelines around our purchase…

  1. 1950-1958 model.
  2. Minimal rust.
  3. Must be able to be taken for a test drive and viewed in person.
  4. Must be able to be to be driven home, no matter the distance.
  5. Mostly, if not all original.
  6. Truthful, considerate sellers!

For $6,000 we were really asking a lot. We searched high and low, mostly on the internet and through word of mouth with help from our friends and co-workers. Throughout that time we found around 10 cars that were worth calling. Out of those we went and looked at 3. The first was a 1956 Mercury…

The ad made it sound like it was in waaaaaayyyy better shape than it actually was. It smoked, lurched forward and over heated in the quick 10 min test drive we took it on. Not to mention it was covered in rust. I think the guy was pretty desperate to sell because he later called us and offered it for $1,500 below his original asking price. That was probably a great deal for someone, just not us.

The second was a 1956 Ford Fairlane…

We drove on up to Washington, (about 1.5hrs). We met the owner and took the car for a test drive. This one was AMAZING compared to the Mercury we just experienced! After talking it over, we made an offer. The owner said he would think on it and get back to us the next day. We were almost back to Portland when he called and accepted the offer! Good lord were we excited! We asked if we could drive back to pick it up the following Saturday, (we looked at it on Wed. night). He told us that he would be gone on a fishing trip so it would have to wait until he returned sometime the following week. We said that was fine and offered to mail him a deposit. We went to bed that night ecstatic!

In the morning I mailed him the deposit, along with a lovely letter thanking him for everything. As I made my way into work I realized I had a voicemail. It was the owner, and booooooyyyyyy did he sound different! That friendly, sweet man was gone and on the phone was a mean, cold, and extremely rude voicemail. He blamed us for not coming and getting it sooner, (remember HE was going to be out of town, not us!). He also said that it was now first come, first serve and ended with “Good Luck”. Jerk.

I immediately called him back, no answer. Called his work #, no answer. Emailed him, no answer. Finally my man called the home number and was greeted by an outrageously angry woman who proceeded to tell him that she chewed her husband out and he never should have made the deal. Wow. Someone call Jerry Springer! In the end we canceled the check. Someone else can have fun dealing with the bad juju that is sure to come with that vehicle!

A few weeks later we found her…..

The 1952 Ford Customline was my original dream car and this 1952 Ford Customline belonged to the sweetest lady. It was her recently deceased husband’s cruiser.

This car is almost 100% original and in the most incredible shape! The engine has been rebuilt, all the chrome is there and in amazing condition. Everything works, the interior and exterior lights, clock, gauges, EVERYTHING! It has new whitewall tires and even comes with extra parts, and the original manuals! It drives like a dream and is as sturdy as sturdy can be! She even gave us all the service records she could find and said she would mail us the rest!

We spent almost 2 hours talking with her about her life, her husband, their love. There wasn’t a dry eye in that kitchen. We brought her champagne and left promising her pictures of the restoration and the car at the wedding next August. We are so proud to be able to keep his car cruisin’ for years to come. She gave it to us for under $5,000. We still can’t believe it. Things just have a way of working themselves out.

Cruisin’ & Day Dreamin’


Classy but Casual Vintage Rockabilly Affair

Hi there!

Today I was planning on writing about regular everyday clothing, that when used the right way can give a pinup flair, but since I do this purely for fun I have decided that I shouldn’t box myself into a clothes/hair/makeup only blog. If the topic is pinup/rockabilly/retro/vintage related and I believe It’s a deal you should know about, well… I’m going to write about it!

A HUGE part of my extracurricular activities currently have been wedding planning! Let me start by explaining our wedding theme: Classy but Casual Vintage Rockabilly affair. Our budget: As cheap as possible. Haha!

  • Classy: Guys & gals will be looking sharp as all hell! (Below is the current 1st place contender for the bridesmaid dresses, as well as the look for the guys.)

Bridal Party

  • Casual: My fiance and I want the whole thing to be the funnest party our guests have ever attended, rather than a stuffy, formal, “when is this shit going to be over” wedding.


  • Vintage: The color story of the wedding will not be the traditional rockabilly black/red/white color scheme. There isn’t anything wrong with those colors by any means, we have just chosen to soften things up a bit with the color selection below…


  • Rockabilly: The heart of the wedding will be the music and the car culture that defines “rockabilly”.

Now that you know what we’re dealing with here, later this week I will tell you all about our CrAzY venue search and how we found the perfect venue that fit our theme and budget!

Happy Monday!


Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18 Recap {3 of 3}

Here it is! La Grande Finale! Part 3 of 3 is all about the fashion at VLV18. We will start with some awe-inspiring crowd photos and then I’ll let you in on what we wore ; )  Here goes!

fashion 10A bit of what we wore…

Thanks for stopping by! Have any questions or comments about what you have seen? Feel free to leave them below!

Stay tuned for next week’s post where I pinup-ify one of my beautiful maids in “Bridesmaids: The Kahlua Cutie”!