Grease Inspired: A Sandy Shoot

I have always wanted to do a Sandy inspired photo shoot, from the 1978, 50’s styled classic Grease, and just the other day I realized while folding my laundry, that I in fact had all the wardrobe pieces I would need in order to get the theme across! That is when I ask my husband if he would be interested in shooting some quick photos over the weekend. He was game, so that Saturday off we went to find some bleachers!

Her is my wardrobe break down:

  • Faux Leather Jacket: $12 Sears
  • Leggings: ~$10 years ago at Forever21
  • Off the shoulder Pinup Girl Clothing top: $10 Thrifted
  • Belt: Came on another dress
  • Shoes: $8 Thrifted

For a quick idea and ~45 min on a football field, I am pretty happy with how it all turned out!





Let me know what you think & hope you’re having a happy weekend!




A Vintage Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I absolutely love this often dreaded day. It’s the colors, the candy, and more than anything…another reason to dress up!  This year I wanted to do something fun with it. I decided to recreate this adorable photo of Betty Grable from 1937.

Betty Grable 1937 Valentine's Day

I had a photographer all lined up but unfortunately timing wasn’t on our side and the shoot never came together. Luckily thanks to my forever valentine (my hubs), I was able to complete it!


2 Tutus from Amazon ($9 each), 1 velvet leotard as well ($16), and a few bits from the craft store made this costume complete. I Photoshopped the garland, along with the bow and arrow to save a few bucks.


We had a blast, just the two of us, and I guess that’s what Valentine’s Day is really all about… spending special moments with the ones you love.


Pardon me while I adjust ; )



Hope your V-Day is filled with all the chocolates and even more love!

-Penny la Peche

(The Pennywise Pinup)

A Very Burlesque Halloween

Well we have just finished up with the most wonderful time of the year. No you didn’t miss Christmas (puke noise). If you know me, you know that when August rolls around it is time to start planning costumes. Normally I will sew and make something completely from scratch and Tanner will ever so sweetly be whatever I suggest. (He’s a keeper.) This year was completely different! I told Tanner that he got to pick out our costumes. His choice?…. Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese. Sorry Mom ; )

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Now if you have been living under a rock or are simply not into shock rock or burlesque here are a few links that you may want to check out…

Manson: The Beautiful People

Teese: Perrier Advertisement 

And you’re back. Amazing right?!

I was honestly a bit concerned this year that my costume would be too much like my everyday look just much sexier. I already have black hair and do a red lip and cateye everyday so I thought it would look like “Oh great, she went as a slut for Halloween.” Tanner convinced me that I could make it awesome. So I went for it. Here is how it turned out…

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! I determined what I could do with my makeup to make my face look a bit more like hers, so I flattened out my brows, thinned out my lips and added her classic beauty mark. I also used some false lashes. I pinned up my hair in vintage waves and styled it slicked with Suavecita Pomade.

I used my satin underbust Orchard Corset CS-426. Which is a hell of a deal for $79! If you are looking for a corset, I HIGHLY recommend it. I then went searching for a bargain on some Dita lingerie, particularly the Her Sexellency Overwire Bra. I have had my eye on this piece for months, and I actually found a smoking deal at ASOS! 50% off babay! I also wore sheer nylons under a pair of silk “granny panties” for added warmth and coverage. On top of those nylons I added cuban seamed thigh highs that I purchased at a local shop, but can be found here at Walmart.

I found some great gaudy rhinestone earrings locally and a hair comb for $6. I also purchased some long satin gloves for $9.99 from a Spirit Halloween Store. The final 2 touches to my costume were a massive feather boa and ballet pointe shoes. I purchased 4 100g boas for $8.50 each and sewed them together to make 1 lush monster of feathers. Just 1 super full boa goes for a whopping $100! I saved myself $66 by making it myself! I bought pink satin pointe shoes for $16.50 and sprayed them with black dye and used red leather paint on the bottoms to get the faux Louboutin look, to mimic Dita’s gorgeous pairs.

It was such a fun evening! I’ll leave you with a few more photos of some fantastic costumes. The first is some good old brotherly love. (Tanner’s little bro is the sailor.)

A little Rocky Horror, Dr. Frank-N-Furter for ya.

An event that happened Nov. 22nd (my birthday) in 1963. Too soon?

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time,


$23.99 Pinup Swimsuit Review

2 girls, 1 suit….

Today I am going to review the “Cocoship Flora Polka Vintage High Waisted Bikini Swimsuits Swimwear(FBA)” (absurd name, right?), which I recently purchased from Amazon for a whopping $23.99! Now the suit was awarded 4 Stars by 836 customers so I was pretty hopeful that it would be at least wearable. With prime, I received it in 2 business days. The suit was shipped in a clear poly bag with a simple sticker and sanitation liner intact. No frills, no tags, just a suit in a bag. Once I tried it on I was in love. I immediately sent a picture to one of my girlfriend’s and told her to order one ASAP and this last Thursday we reviewed the suit together. Let me preface this by saying that we are both in the apparel industry so we are pretty picky when it comes to clothing fit and construction. I am 5’9″, a 33in bust, 26in waist, 38in hip and around 132lbs. My friend is 5’5″, a 33in bust, 26in waist, 37in hip and 125lbs. We both ordered a size Small.

Here we are…

Let’s start with the top. While the cups are a nice shape and thickness, they are spaced much too wide. If you take notice of my top vs. Ashley’s, her’s is post alteration. She has sewn a tiny seam between the cups underneath the decorative tie to bring the cups closer together. I am planning to do the same but thought it would be wise to give you a true “before & after”. This 1 alteration does wonders for the girls if you know what I mean ; )

The bottoms. They are WONDERFUL! During the photo shoot Ashley made a comment that it feels like you are wearing sweatpants! The ruching is very flattering and the full booty and front coverage makes you feel free to dance, do cartwheels or jump off a high-dive without worrying that it will find it’s way up your bum. These bottoms are also truly “High Waist”. It is so high in fact that I even needed to scrunch it down a little to hit at my natural waistline.

The construction can be seen below and looks fairly decent. The seams are surged with little to no seam grin or loose threads.

All in all, this is a smokin’ deal! Here is the link again….go buy it. You won’t regret it. Now for a few more fun shots from Thursday…

Happy Saturday!


Viva Las Vegas 18: The Packing Edition

Oh my gosh. There are only 15 more days until VLV 18! I am so stinking excited I can’t even handle it. What is VLV 18 you might be wondering? Well, as far as I have figured out… it is heaven. 4 Days of Vintage, Burlesque, Kustom Kulture bliss that draws around 20,000 to Las Vegas. At this rockabilly retreat you will find car shows, jive classes, burlesque showcases, pinup competitions, hair & makeup classes, endless concerts, bowling tournaments, a tattoo lounge and the list goes on! I discovered this event myself last year right after it ended and I knew as soon as I saw those sky-high do’s and chrome beauties that this next year I would not be missing it.

As the style obsessed person that I am, I began mulling over my closet to find just the perfect outfit for each event and this past weekend my man and I planned it aaaallllll out. I figured that each day needed at least 1 daytime outfit that was cool and comfortable and could withstand the day’s festivities as well as a sultry night piece to end the evening. Now I am going to save those planned bits for a later post but I will let you in on the steals and deals I walked away with this weekend while shopping for “the gaps” in my wardrobe…

Gap #1) Comfortable heels


  • Cute.
  • 3″ or shorter heel.
  • Under $30.
  • Neutral color.
  • Nice cushion for lengthy walks.

Score: Ross Dress For Less $14.99.

Gap #2) Comfortable Flats


  • Cute.
  • Will stay on my feet.
  • Under $20.
  • Neutral color.
  • Nice cushion or cheap enough to warrant buying inserts.

Score: Payless Shoesource $9.00 on clearance.

Gap #3) Flashy Purse


  • Cute & Flashy.
  • Under $20.
  • Metallic.
  • Vintage.

Score: Garage Sale Warehouse $3.00.

Gap #4) Nude Tights w/ Seams.


  • Cute.
  • Will work with my very fair skin tone and not make me look like I have carrot sticks for legs.
  • Under $20.
  • Can buy in store. (Proof that color will work).

Score: Target $10.00

Gap #5) Cateye Sunglasses…sat on my favorite pair last week : (


  • Cute
  • Larger frame to flatter a larger face.
  • Under $20.
  • Unique features such as color or embellishment.

Score: Amazon, red pair & black pair $9.99 each w/ free shipping.

Gap #6) High Waist Bikini


  • Cute.
  • Figure flattering.
  • Under $50.
  • Unique prints or styling.

Score: Amazon $23.99 w/ free shipping! Top AND Bottom. Great reviews and many consumer photos to support.

2 Pairs of Shoes

+ 1 Purse

+ 1 Pair of Tights

+ 2 Pairs of Sunglasses

+ 1 Swimsuit

Total: $80.96 Hot Damn.

Happy Saving!


Classic Pinup Shoes for Less

Hi there beautiful!

Now that we have covered the clothing basics, I can finally talk about one of my favorite topics…SHOES! I have picked 5 “easy to wear/go with almost anything” styles and 1 wild card ; ) If you see something you like, follow the links below the photos for my bargain finds.Saddle Shoes1) Saddle Shoes.

What ever the outfit, these guys in the classic black & white are a go-to. Check out this link for a great option: $29.99 from Amazon.Oxfords2) Boogie Shoes (Oxfords).

While mine are in a 2 tone metallic, you can find a plethora of fun eye-catching options out there! I personally have just added these Orange Ollio’s to my list.Mary Janes3) Black Mary Janes.

Need a little lift? Look no further than a pair of black mary janes. Easier to walk in then most heels thanks to that friendly little strap, try these Journee pair from Target for $34.99.Red Pumps4) Red Patent Leather Pumps.

I have heard that matching your lipstick to your shoes is tacky but when your shoes are candy-apple red, how can you resist?! Bargain find: $34.99 from ModCloth, make sure to read reviews.Leopard Pumps5) Leopard Suede Pumps.

Got a date? These will keep ’em on their toes! Choosing suede rather than a shiny finish makes leopard much more approachable if you are new to the print. Take a look at these $34.99 babies from Amazon.

Zombie PeepToes6) Wild Card!

Choose something unexpected! My choice: Zombie Peep Toes. These were a birthday present a couple years ago and they still remain one of my all time favorites. From Iron Fist $35-50 depending on size.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoy this blog you can sign up for new post notifications below and if there are any topics you are interested in, feel free to suggest them in the comments : )

Until next time,


Stick horse pic

5 Pieces to a Pinup Closet!

So I have talked to many gals who are interested in dressing in the pinup vintage style but they have no idea where to start. I feel ya girl and the answer is right here! You may be new to pinup/rockabilly/ vintage/psychobilly style but whatever subculture spin you put on it here are the 5 must haves every doll needs and where to find them on the cheap!

  1. High-waist jeans
    • Until the surge of the legging, jeans have been a staple in nearly every closet in every city, town and country. While you can come by many high rise styles, high-waist styles are much harder to find. Keep an eye out when you are shopping stores like H&M and Forever 21. If they happen to have a pair and it fits, buy 2. These things are like unicorns, so you won’t regret it. When ordering online even if it says “high waist” take a good look at the photos. Is the model’s belly button showing? If yes, these are not high enough. You want the jeans to come up to the skinniest part of your waist. Below are a few sights that I have found to have true high-waist jeans at an affordable price.
  1. The Pencil Skirt
    • Here many of the same rules apply as to high-waist jeans. The skirt must cover your navel. If it doesn’t, you will be wasting your god given gift of curves. The goal is to accentuate them! The skirt can have belt loops, not have belt loops, pockets, no pockets… doesn’t matter. I personally believe in skirts with a pieced in waistband, just below the knee and not too stretchy. What’s the point of wearing something tight if it’s going to let everything fly all over the place anyways? Solid colors are always a good place to start, as they can be paired with many different tops and are less noticeable if you decide to wear it 2x in a week. Below are a few links to my favorite places for them.
      • Google “Thrift Stores [Your Area]”. Seriously. You can find adorable pencil skirts for around $2 a pop! I often go to the local Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul.
      • This skirt from ModCloth for $39.00 may be pushing the budget, but for a staple piece like this black high waist pencil skirt, I would say it is worth it.
  1. Cardigans
    • How does a pinup stay smokin’ hot AND warm at the same time you might ask? The answer is cardigans. This is one of my all-time favorite categories in my closet. I’m getting giddy just talking about it! Here are reasons why I love them. 1) They are cheap. 2) Can add a great novelty factor to any outfit. 3) Easy to find in most modern stores.
      • $14.95 at H&M and they come in a plethora of colors.
      • With faux pearl buttons for $12.90 at Forever21 this adorable number is a must have!
  1. Boyfriend Button-downs
    • If you know a male then you have access to this already. One of the cheapest, easiest and most comfortable ways to dress pinup is by using your boyfriend’s/dad’s/brother’s/bestie’s old dress shirts. Remember “Rosie the Riveter”? Try to use men’s size x-small-medium, depending on your size, since men’s dress shirts usually have a lot of volume and you do not want to look buried in it. Think ginghams and plaids! Tuck them in or tie them up and pair with your high-waist jeans and pencil skirts for a casual look. If the men in your life refuse to let you raid their closet here are a few I recommend…
      • Easy Iron Shirt $14.95 at H&M. Love the classic blue stripe.
      • BSNY Men’s Gingham Button Down – Navy/Red $17.48 on clearance at Target. This guy has some super cute contrasting fabric details!
  1. Figure Accenting Dresses
    • These can come in many different forms, but the thing to remember is accentuate the things you love about your body. Confidence is by far the sexiest thing you can wear. I personally like my waist and my arms, so therefore my favorite dresses to wear are swing style dresses. They emphasize a small waist while giving you a lot of legroom and coverage. If you love your booty and hips try a wiggle dress. Main thing to keep in mind is emphasize that hour glass! Check out the styles bellow.
      • This figure hugging $34.86 classy broad from Lindy Bop can go from day to night. The downside, shipping to US will add $7.20 to your order. That said, for the styling this is still a great deal.
      • $34.00 AND free shipping from Amazon. This swing dress has an adorable neckline, waist cinching design and comes in a playful polka dot print. Great reviews as well 😉

Happy Shopping!

-The Penny-wise Pinup