Vintage Trouble: Something about that sound!

A couple of weeks ago Tanner and I, along with his younger brother and his brother’s roommate went out on a Wednesday to go see my favorite live band of all time. Yup. They are fucking great.

It was Labor Day weekend around 2 or 3 years ago that a group of us went up to Seattle to attend Bumbershoot; a 3 day long music and arts festival located at the Seattle Center. When we went it was the cheapest festival around and a smokin’ deal!! As per my usual routine before a festival, I went ahead and did some research looking up every band that I had never heard of that was going to be playing there. How else do you expand your musical horizons?!

While listening to one particular band, I found myself wanting to get up and dance. They had this blues-y/rock thing going on that had me hooked! I took note of when they were going to be playing and moved on to the next artist on my list. Later that week we left on our mini-road trip up to Seattle.

Mid afternoon I pulled out my list and noticed that the “blues-y/rock-make-me-wanna dance” band was going to be playing soon. I quickly turned to the group and said that this was my one request for the trip and we needed to head to that stage NOW! They all hesitated for a second and threw out some “but I’ve never heard of them!… We could just go grab a beer… We could just go see [insert boring, popular, not that good band here]” I said I was fine if we all split up, but I WAS GOING TO SEE THIS BAND! Needless to say my determination swayed the group and everyone headed there with me ; )

Go ahead and click THIS link, then we can continue.

The lead singer Ty Taylor is reminiscent of Otis Redding, with the moves of James Brown and a contemporary vibe all his own. At our first concert he ripped is suit jacket he danced so hard! The man is a performer, hands down.

Guitarist Nalle Colt, (who may or may not remind me a tad of Viggo Mortensen, who may or may not have been a crush of mine when I was 15) is an incredible guitarist. (Tanner’s little brother and I we able to snag a photo with him at Bumbershoot later that night! Thanks dude, if you ever happen to come across this!)

Bassist Rick Barrio Dill’s style and groove is soooo good. My biggest pet peeve in most bands is when bassists stand like statues with an “F my life” look on their face. Not sure why that is? I know they are playing some mad riffs, but really? I want to see them having fun too! Dill brings it. Nuff said.

Drummer Richard Danielson is fantastic and as an added bonus a nice little old wild west eye candy too if you know what I mean. Tombstone anyone? ; ) Click on his name to checkout behind the scenes of his drum set-up!

All in all, this band is ridiculous. To check and see if they are  coming to a city near you, follow this link: Show Schedule

Happy listening!