Car Shows… Guaranteed to Satisfy!

This little lady is gettin’ reeeeaaalll “penny-wise”! With a little less than 1 year until the wedding, Tanner and I are going to pinch where ever we can, in order to save up for our dream day! The topic that has really been on our minds lately has been “what can you do for free?” Answer…not a ton, but wait…

Living in the Pacific Northwest there isn’t really a big rockabilly/pinup scene. In fact, I am actually the only pinup style chick I know in the area :/ Thankfully one of our favorite past times this summer has been attending local car shows. It’s where I find I feel right at home! Photo above is us just before heading out to the last show : )

How Car Shows Work:

  • They are often put on by local car clubs or auto shops.
  • Each car being shown pays an entry fee, which goes to the clubs or local charities.
  • The cars can enter competitively to win a variety of awards.
  • The public can then view the cars on display and have a meet & greet with many of the owners for free or a small donation!

Most often the shows have retro rocking music playing, and sometimes there will be food vendors and a kid’s area. All the people that we have met thus far have been super friendly and nice!

Here are more of my favorites from the last car show we went to in downtown Gladstone, which was hosted by the Associated Fords of the Fifties

The owners L.O.V.E. to talk about their “babies”! Also, if you enjoy dressing up as much as we do, it is appreciated there as well : ) My favorite compliments come from the older crowd who tell me things like: “I remember the days when people used to dress like that! You look just wonderful!”

Don’t know a thing about cars? Who cares! If you can appreciate the artistry it took to originally design these beauties and the passion and patience it takes to maintain them to this day, you belong at a car show.

If you are interested in car culture or a vintage lifestyle, classic car shows in your area is where you should look. My favorite part of going to the shows, is that it gives me another excuse to dress up!

Hope you are having a great last few days of Summer! (Faux nose pick for the win!)



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