Tiki/Luau Engagement Shin-dig

This last weekend was absolutely wonderful! Our friends are the best. We felt so loved at our engagement party Saturday, I can’t even describe it.

On Saturday, Tanner and I packed up Peggy Sue and headed on out to throw an engagement party at Sellwood Park in Portland. We originally were looking at wineries and other venues, but once we had our Tiki/Luau theme, we knew this needed to happen outdoors, and as per the usual, needed to be affordable. For around $75 we were able to reserve a park space through Portland Parks & Recreation.

I purchased all my decorations from the Dollar Tree, which ended up costing less than $30 to decorate 6 picnic tables. I then grabbed a bunch of leis from The Party Spot at about $0.75 each. A day or 2 before the big event I found another 15 leis at a garage sale for a whopping $0.75 total!

We made the event a potluck so we wouldn’t have to deal with catering costs, and let me tell you….our friends are SPECTACULAR cooks! I posted a bunch of Luau recipes for people to use if they felt like it, (thanks to the amazing help of my Hawaiian friend!). Each guest could then call dibs on one of them or just let me know what they would like to bring and I would add it to the list. The spread was amazing; Kahlua Pork, Shoyu Chicken, Pineapple Upside-down Cake, Spam Musubi….soooo good.

Tanner made macaroni salad and I made a banana upside-down cake, as well as, a pineapple upside-down cake. I also mixed up some strawberry and kiwi lemonade. Another bonus was that with the picnic space permit beer and wine was permitted as long as it was BYOB.

As for entertainment, our friends brought ladder golf, a Frisbee, a soccer ball and a football, and we brought corn hole.

EP 18

The total cost for our Party was around $200, and with so many amazing photos from that day…I think it was a success ; )

It was a good Saturday,



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