Classy but Casual Vintage Rockabilly Affair

Hi there!

Today I was planning on writing about regular everyday clothing, that when used the right way can give a pinup flair, but since I do this purely for fun I have decided that I shouldn’t box myself into a clothes/hair/makeup only blog. If the topic is pinup/rockabilly/retro/vintage related and I believe It’s a deal you should know about, well… I’m going to write about it!

A HUGE part of my extracurricular activities currently have been wedding planning! Let me start by explaining our wedding theme: Classy but Casual Vintage Rockabilly affair. Our budget: As cheap as possible. Haha!

  • Classy: Guys & gals will be looking sharp as all hell! (Below is the current 1st place contender for the bridesmaid dresses, as well as the look for the guys.)

Bridal Party

  • Casual: My fiance and I want the whole thing to be the funnest party our guests have ever attended, rather than a stuffy, formal, “when is this shit going to be over” wedding.


  • Vintage: The color story of the wedding will not be the traditional rockabilly black/red/white color scheme. There isn’t anything wrong with those colors by any means, we have just chosen to soften things up a bit with the color selection below…


  • Rockabilly: The heart of the wedding will be the music and the car culture that defines “rockabilly”.

Now that you know what we’re dealing with here, later this week I will tell you all about our CrAzY venue search and how we found the perfect venue that fit our theme and budget!

Happy Monday!



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