Captivating & Curious Hair Flowers for Less!

One of my all time favorite accessories are hair flowers because of their endless colors, shapes, sizes and combinations. There are many companies offering beautiful assortments of “hair flowers” but if you are creative, resourceful and have a handful of bobby pins you can up your hair game in seconds.

Check out your local craft stores. They have entire aisles of flowers! Any color or shape you can imagine. While fake flowers can get expensive, most craft stores have email lists you can sign up for which will send you coupons. These can easily save you 50% per bunch. The average flower bunch at my local store costs around $7.99 regular price. Each stem has anywhere from 3-7 blooms depending on the flower size. Having many blooms of the same flower can come in handy as you can choose among the different sizes. Also, this makes flower stacking a snap!

Next you will need bobby pins. You can find 50-100 count cards of them for $1-$3 each. Just pop off a bloom. No need to cut off the small tip at the bottom of the bloom, as it will not show once you pin the blooms in place. Another reason not to cut that off is doing so can cause the bloom to fall apart. Petals may be nice in the bedroom but realizing you only have 1 measly green leaf left in your hair at the end of the day can be quite a turn off! Now let’s look at how to store…

In order to keep your faux florals looking fresh you will need to store them in a place they will not get squashed. I bought a 1.5″ ribbon at my local craft store, tied it in a bow with really long tails and hung it up in my bathroom next to my mirror. I then just bobby pin my blooms to the bow tails. Its easy, quick, and efficient and looks lovely!

Until next time,

– Pennywise


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