Big Stuff & a Pinup Tattoo

So I have really been slackin’ with my posts lately, but I have a good excuse! I’M ENGAGED! My amazing man of 8 years proposed 2 weeks ago and I’m a mess of excitement! I was originally planning on blogging about where to find the best hair flowers but with the buzz in the air I feel like I need to do something big, so I am sharing my tattoo…Let me first explain that I am not one to show a lot of skin. A little leg, a shoulder every once in a while but that is about it! I avoid bathing suits and I really just avoid the sun in general : P

I first fell in love with vintage pinup about 7 years ago when I stumbled upon artists such as Vargas, Ballantyne, and Elvgren. I was hooked. It mesmerized me. The images were not only sexy, they were cute, colorful and often very funny. I am a lingerie designer and looking at those images, I realized I found a visualization of my personal beliefs. What I saw in those images was a strong, confident, sexual woman who never took anything too seriously. Someone who was self-assured in (and out) of her clothes.

I based my tattoo off of a perfect Vargas image. I have kept that image with me for 6 years knowing that one day I hoped to get it in ink in some fashion. I searched far and wide to find a tattoo artist who understood the style I wanted as well as let me design her outfit and luckily I found Mike Toth. The color and the detail he puts into his work is AMAZING! Below you will find a close up of my pinups face. He even placed dots where her individual eyelashes came out! It took 13hrs and 3 months to complete. Totally worth it.

This will be the first time most people have seen it since I have only revealed it once briefly in the hair tutorial and this last week on Valentine’s Day when I wore a back revealing dress. So….big breath….here goes. Enjoy.



Pinup Hair 101: The Vintage Barrel Wave

Holy smokes it’s done! This last Saturday I had the pleasure of turning one of my friends into a pinup and good lord, it was too much fun! I took the opportunity to create a step by step tutorial of one of my favorite basic styles, the vintage barrel wave. Below are a few photos from our shoot…

Now that you have seen the outcome, check out the video below to see how this Vintage Barrel Wave is done!

Click Here!

WARNING: This video contains flip-flopped feet, walking in front of the camera and many other unsightly attractions often displayed by newbie tutorialists. Viewer beware.