5 Pieces to a Pinup Closet!

So I have talked to many gals who are interested in dressing in the pinup vintage style but they have no idea where to start. I feel ya girl and the answer is right here! You may be new to pinup/rockabilly/ vintage/psychobilly style but whatever subculture spin you put on it here are the 5 must haves every doll needs and where to find them on the cheap!

  1. High-waist jeans
    • Until the surge of the legging, jeans have been a staple in nearly every closet in every city, town and country. While you can come by many high rise styles, high-waist styles are much harder to find. Keep an eye out when you are shopping stores like H&M and Forever 21. If they happen to have a pair and it fits, buy 2. These things are like unicorns, so you won’t regret it. When ordering online even if it says “high waist” take a good look at the photos. Is the model’s belly button showing? If yes, these are not high enough. You want the jeans to come up to the skinniest part of your waist. Below are a few sights that I have found to have true high-waist jeans at an affordable price.
  1. The Pencil Skirt
    • Here many of the same rules apply as to high-waist jeans. The skirt must cover your navel. If it doesn’t, you will be wasting your god given gift of curves. The goal is to accentuate them! The skirt can have belt loops, not have belt loops, pockets, no pockets… doesn’t matter. I personally believe in skirts with a pieced in waistband, just below the knee and not too stretchy. What’s the point of wearing something tight if it’s going to let everything fly all over the place anyways? Solid colors are always a good place to start, as they can be paired with many different tops and are less noticeable if you decide to wear it 2x in a week. Below are a few links to my favorite places for them.
      • Google “Thrift Stores [Your Area]”. Seriously. You can find adorable pencil skirts for around $2 a pop! I often go to the local Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul.
      • This skirt from ModCloth for $39.00 may be pushing the budget, but for a staple piece like this black high waist pencil skirt, I would say it is worth it.
  1. Cardigans
    • How does a pinup stay smokin’ hot AND warm at the same time you might ask? The answer is cardigans. This is one of my all-time favorite categories in my closet. I’m getting giddy just talking about it! Here are reasons why I love them. 1) They are cheap. 2) Can add a great novelty factor to any outfit. 3) Easy to find in most modern stores.
      • $14.95 at H&M and they come in a plethora of colors.
      • With faux pearl buttons for $12.90 at Forever21 this adorable number is a must have!
  1. Boyfriend Button-downs
    • If you know a male then you have access to this already. One of the cheapest, easiest and most comfortable ways to dress pinup is by using your boyfriend’s/dad’s/brother’s/bestie’s old dress shirts. Remember “Rosie the Riveter”? Try to use men’s size x-small-medium, depending on your size, since men’s dress shirts usually have a lot of volume and you do not want to look buried in it. Think ginghams and plaids! Tuck them in or tie them up and pair with your high-waist jeans and pencil skirts for a casual look. If the men in your life refuse to let you raid their closet here are a few I recommend…
      • Easy Iron Shirt $14.95 at H&M. Love the classic blue stripe.
      • BSNY Men’s Gingham Button Down – Navy/Red $17.48 on clearance at Target. This guy has some super cute contrasting fabric details!
  1. Figure Accenting Dresses
    • These can come in many different forms, but the thing to remember is accentuate the things you love about your body. Confidence is by far the sexiest thing you can wear. I personally like my waist and my arms, so therefore my favorite dresses to wear are swing style dresses. They emphasize a small waist while giving you a lot of legroom and coverage. If you love your booty and hips try a wiggle dress. Main thing to keep in mind is emphasize that hour glass! Check out the styles bellow.
      • This figure hugging $34.86 classy broad from Lindy Bop can go from day to night. The downside, shipping to US will add $7.20 to your order. That said, for the styling this is still a great deal.
      • $34.00 AND free shipping from Amazon. This swing dress has an adorable neckline, waist cinching design and comes in a playful polka dot print. Great reviews as well 😉

Happy Shopping!

-The Penny-wise Pinup


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