DIY: Sleek & Shiny Raven Hair Part 2

In this Part 2 I will show you how I use all the ingredients from Part 1 to create long lasting sexy jet black hair for around $20. I wanted to start this new year off fresh so I decided to do my roots. Since I have already made my initial investments my current cost of upkeep is down to $5.99. That probably wouldn’t even cover the tip in a salon!

The Dye Process:

  1. Important: Read all labels and warnings with regards to skin allergies and safety.
  2. Make sure your hair is clean and doesn’t have any products or conditioners in it.
  3. Put on the old t-shirt.
  4. Lay your old towel across the sink with all your supplies ready to go.
  5. Set up a trash that you wont have to open once your gloves are all covered in dye.
    • I just use a plastic shopping bag.
  6. Clip up your hair and take your petroleum jelly. Outline your hairline and tops of your ears.
    • This will protect your skin from any dye that might get out of line. It feels awful but by golly is it worth it!
  7. Put your gloves on.
  8. Dump the 2 oz bottle of the L’Oréal Permanent Hair Color #1 Blue Black into your squeeze bottle.
    • I really like the squeeze bottle I have because it has measurement lines that really come in handy when you need to work with different quantities.
  9. Add 2 oz of 20 vol. Cream Developer and screw on the cap.
    • I was recently told that 10 vol. developer can be used as well. The 10 will be even less damaging to your hair than the 20 but I have chosen to stick with 20 for now as this hair color calls for 20-30 vol.
  10. Place your fingertip firmly over the nozzle of the squeeze bottle and shake until thoroughly mixed.
  11. Part your hair, (I normally start down the middle), and begin dispensing a line of dye along the part and brush dye in.
  12.  Repeat step 11 down the right side, left side and back of hair.
  13. Use the rest of the dye to saturate hair making sure all hairlines in back, front and sides are covered but not messy.
  14. Once finished set timer for 25 min.
  15. Cover hair with bag, do some clean up of any dye that may have strayed.
    • This is where your stain remover comes in handy.
  16. Eat something sexy like instant oatmeal and wait.
  17. After the 25 min., rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Once clear, take your after-color care deep conditioner and saturate hair. Let sit for at least 5 min. Rinse, then dry using your old towel. Voila! You are done!

The Final Outcome!

My friend Ashley and I on NYE. I'm on the left ;)

My friend Ashley and I on NYE. I’m the one with the black hair ; )

Tips & Tricks:

  • Do not wash your hair for at least 24 hrs after dying. Let the hair have time to rest.
  • To keep the rich dark color, limit hair washings to every 3rd day. I know it may sound gross. I used to wash my hair every morning and by the end of the day my hair would be greasy. Now I only wash it every 3rd day and by day 3 it is barely even oily. Amazing really. Also, shower caps are sexy. I don’t care what anyone says ;P
  • To keep it looking shiny you can use styling products such as waxes and creams but never ever start at the roots! Putting product at your roots will cause your hair to get oily quickly. Always start at the ends of the hair.

 -The Penny-wise Pinup


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