Step 1: The Purrrfect Cat Eye

[Photo Credit: My Eye][Photo Credit: My Eye]

The staple to any well-done pinup look is a clean cat eye. I have searched high and low trying many different mediums including pencils, gels, pens and cakes, and for the price, the NYX Cosmetics Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner is by far the best. You can find it at many local drug stores and online through companies such as ULTA.

[Photo Credit:][Photo Credit:ULTA]

At $6 a bottle, this stuff really does the trick! The extremely thin brush works great for getting in the small gaps of your lashes. The fact that this liner dries quickly is also a plus if you tend to blink a lot while putting on eye makeup. It dries a nice dark black that is not too shiny, not too matte and lasts all day.  I have tried many others like gels for instance that will keep their rich dark color but by the end of the day I was wearing ½ of it on my upper lid! The NYX liner doesn’t smudge but is very easy to remove. To clean up any unevenness just take a q-tip and moisten with a drop of water. One bottle lasts me well over a month using it everyday and for $6 it is well worth it! Give it a try and feel free to leave me your comments below.

Happy Lining!

-The Penny-wise Pinup


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