DIY: Sleek & Shiny Raven Hair Part 1

I was going to save this post for later on in January but as it so turns out, it is once again time to dye my roots. I get asked all the time how I get my hair so dark, (even from people currently with black hair), so I have decided to share with you my low cost (under $20), time tested method that will give you salon results from your very own bathroom.

Here are a few pics of my hair over the last few years, all DIY dyed.

My natural hair color is a medium to light brown but I have always loved the look of rich, dark, midnight black. Throughout the years I have gone back and forth but I just keep coming back to black! Is it the glamour? The mystery? The seduction? Whatever it is, raven-haired beauties have been making jaws drop for millennia.

[Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine, © 2014 Condé Nast]

Dita Von Teese [Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine, © 2014 Condé Nast]

Elizabeth Taylor c.1951 [Photo Credit: IMDb, Image courtesy]

Elizabeth Taylor c.1951 [Photo Credit: IMDb, Image courtesy]

Miss Victory Violet [Photo Credit: Miss Victory Violet Blog 2014]

Miss Victory Violet [Photo Credit: Miss Victory Violet Blog 2014]

Take a good look at those 3. You won’t see any dusty, dry, faded wigs among this bunch! You see rich black tar, sleek and shiny, and I am here to tell you that for around $20 you can have exactly that. Here is my time tested recipe…

*Note: If you have long or very thick hair, you will want to double this recipe for items 3, 9 & 11.
  1. 1 Old Towel
  2. 1 Old T-shirt
  3. 1 2oz bottle of L’Oréal Permanent Hair Color #1 Blue Black [$5.99 Sally Beauty Supply]
    • Make sure it is Blue Black, as the blue/purple tones resist fading and will give you the richest deepest back color that will last the longest. This is key.
  4. 1 Bottle of stain remover [$4.49 Sally Beauty Supply]
  5. 1 Squeeze bottle [$1.50 Sally Beauty Supply]
  6. 1 Jar Petroleum Jelly [$1.79 Sally Beauty Supply]
    • I use this to protect my skin from any drips, slips or fumbles with the dye.
  7. Balls
  8. 1 Applicator brush [$0.99 Sally Beauty Supply]
  9. 2oz of 20 Cream Developer [$1.69 Sally Beauty Supply]
    • No need to use anything harsher as you will be darkening your hair, not trying to lighten it.
  10. 1 Pair latex or vinyl gloves [6 pairs for $2.99 Sally Beauty Supply]
  11. 1 package after color care deep conditioner [$0.99 Sally Beauty Supply]
    • This will help seal in the color and bring some moisture back into your hair.
  12. Some sort of hair clips & a couple plastic grocery bags.

Total: $20.43

$11.76 spent in reusable products…i.e. the stain remover, brush, bottle, more gloves and petroleum jelly. After the initial dye session the price drops to $8.67 for each session after! Holy cow! The average salon price for an all over color is around $60+ in my area! Stay tuned for DIY: Sleek & Shiny Raven Hair Part 2 where I will post a step by step of the dying process, and offer tips & tricks for long lasting rich color!

-The Penny-wise Pinup


Step 1: The Purrrfect Cat Eye

[Photo Credit: My Eye][Photo Credit: My Eye]

The staple to any well-done pinup look is a clean cat eye. I have searched high and low trying many different mediums including pencils, gels, pens and cakes, and for the price, the NYX Cosmetics Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner is by far the best. You can find it at many local drug stores and online through companies such as ULTA.

[Photo Credit:][Photo Credit:ULTA]

At $6 a bottle, this stuff really does the trick! The extremely thin brush works great for getting in the small gaps of your lashes. The fact that this liner dries quickly is also a plus if you tend to blink a lot while putting on eye makeup. It dries a nice dark black that is not too shiny, not too matte and lasts all day.  I have tried many others like gels for instance that will keep their rich dark color but by the end of the day I was wearing ½ of it on my upper lid! The NYX liner doesn’t smudge but is very easy to remove. To clean up any unevenness just take a q-tip and moisten with a drop of water. One bottle lasts me well over a month using it everyday and for $6 it is well worth it! Give it a try and feel free to leave me your comments below.

Happy Lining!

-The Penny-wise Pinup